KRUTOR Ouvinator

Krutor Ouvinator is the carbon downhill frame for 20-inch wheels, custom-built for Jakub Ouvin, a friend of us who cannot ride a standard 26" bike becouse of his small growth. Without the skills and selfsacrifice of Bolek Samek who built this frame in very short time and for the price of just the material, Jakub could probably never try riding a full-suspension bike.

This single-pivot frame is equipped with Fox Float air shock, giving it 150 mm travel. Of course the geometry is absolutely unique - the frame has to be extremely low while ready for a standard 26-inch fork with 100 mm travel. Another uniquity is the chain, guided through the upper chainwheel, resulting in asymmetric shape of rear frame . The rider himself confirms that the bike's stiffness/weight ratio is excellent.

Considering its absolute uniquity, don't expect any mass-production of this frame. Nevertheless, you can contact Bolek Samek if you have some questions.