KRUTOR Front Hub 20.06 Punk Series
Thru-axle front hub for disc brake, designed for those riders who take MTB as their lifestyle and want to go their own way.
  • heavy-duty construction
  • oversized industrial dust-sealed ball bearings
  • inner strutting tube for maximum axle fastening
  • pyramides milled directly into the body
  • precise facing surfaces for brake disc
For one of the lowest prices on the market, you get almost indestructible component and your bike gets the image of a machine that could not be stopped by anything.
Technical data
Axle diameter20 mm
Width110 mm
Spokes32 / 36
Spoke diameter2 mm
Disc mountM510, 6 pcs
Material2030-T4 AlCu4PbMg
Bearings6004 RS
Weight310 g
Surface finishanodized, different colors
Intended forDH, 4X, FR, FMTB

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KRUTOR Front Hub 20.06 (without pyramides)
The same hub without pyramides. Restrained appearance, lower weight and price
Technical data
Weight300 g
Othersee Punk Series

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KRUTOR SingleSpeed Hub 10.07 Punk Series
Singlespeed rear hub with a replaceable free-wheel. This hub should replace the most spread solution when a standard MTB hub is equipped with a single sprocket while the rest of the space is filled with some spacers. This reduces the spoke base width and degrades the whole rear wheel's stiffness. On the other hand, KRUTOR Single Speed Hub has wide and symmetric spoke base which maximalizes the stiffness and durability of your rear wheel. Our hub is prepared for disc brake, runs on 4 industrial ball bearings and of course, is equipped with pyramides :-) Using suitable combination of spacers, you can finely tune the chain-line.
Technical data
Axle diameter10 mm
Width135 mm
Spokes36 (32 on demand)
Spoke diameter2 mm
Disc mountM510, 6 pcs
Free-wheel threadM30×1
Material2030-T4 AlCu4PbMg
Bearingsindustrial, 4 pcs
Weight440 g (without free-wheel)
Surface finishblack anodized
(other colors on demand)
Intended forfreestyle MTB, street, dirt

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